Note to Self – Part Deux

Note #6:  Remember to read the fine print about the side effects of taking my anti-malarial drug at night with milk to avoid waking up the following morning with my eyes almost swollen shut and cankles.  (Side Note to Self:  This is a look even Angelina Jolie couldn’t pull off. Oy.)

Note #7:  Don’t forget that the tailors in Forbesgunge are especially good at the game of “Having Fun at the Foreigner’s Expense,” and will capitalize on ignorance in spades.  Witness my ordering two simple tunics to be made, which required me to select a neckline.  I selected a very simple and conservative neckline from ones that were shown to me, taking for granted that the neckline in back would be equally conservative.  Enter tailors with a desire to embarass the unknowing foreigner:  very conservative in front; scandalously low scoop in back.  Yes, showing too much back is considered obscene here.  Well, out go the two tunics.  Total cost:  $6.

Note #8:  I am brilliant to think of packing instant coffee. : )


  1. Sandykins said,

    August 16, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    Have you tried the dehydrated chili yet?

  2. katie mckeever said,

    August 18, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    That whole “make fun of the tourist/foreigner thing” happens all over the world including Gatlinburg, Tennessee. 🙁
    Keep up the good moral and have fun:)

    see ya-Katie M.

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