Extraordinary Time

Several times, while in the apartment, I have discerned a raucous sound teasing itself from the ordinary street noises.  It rises in volume and takes shape: a chant.  The four-part cadence gradually blocks out the ubiquitous rickshaw, bus, and motorcycle engine whinings, putt-puttings and clunkings.  Now in front of the apartment building, protester voices demand: “We want justice!!!!”

The gang rape of December 16th, and the subsequent death of the brave young woman who briefly survived such heineousness, have thrust the country into outrage, frustration, and fear.  It is an extraordinary time of promises and blame, of demands for change and fear of status quo.  As politicians jockey to optimize this rare moment to their gain, the women of India quake.  And GTP has seen an astronomical increase in interest in our work.  How to feel about this?  How to think about this?  My personal thought is that I want to be put out of the self defense business.



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