Yesterday, I had my second class with four girls of the organization called Kranti.  Located in Kandivali East, it is a two tuk-tuk ride from where I am staying (one tuk-tuk to the train station at Kandivali West, then disembark and walk to the other side of the tracks which is Kandivali East, and take another tuk-tuk to the final destination).   The word ‘kranti’ means revolutionary, and it is in this spirit that the organization works.  To learn more about their excellent mission and work, see:

As with many other ladies young or old, the Kranti girls are hesitant at first to try the exercises that I ask them, specifically some of the warm ups like a walking plank or jumping knees-to-chest.  But gradually, they warm up to the idea, and soon they look like they are having fun.  Since a few of these girls have been taking Wu Shu, I ask them to show me what they’ve learned and they almost can’t wait to start punching and kicking, at which point I whip out my trusty muay thai pad lest they get the idea my old body is the target.  Punch and kick they do, and I tell them to keep their hands up and offer suggestions for how to generate some additional power in their techniques.  We move to basic punches, drill a sparring technique, and end with self defense.  Knee strikes are very popular.  I am happy that the girls, in particular those without Wu Shu, take to the techniques quickly.  And standing on the opposite side of a pad, I can tell you I pity the guy who messes with these ladies.

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