I came across a wonderful organization called Kranti, based in Mumbai. Their philosophy on the trafficking issue is clearly articulated, as are their methods to disrupt the trafficking cycle. From their website:

“Kranti puts the life choices of the girls rescued from sex [trade] back into their hands. At Kranti, we let the girls choose their career goals and provide them with the resources to achieve these goals. The girls that come out of Kranti are therefore empowered by making the decisions for their own life, [to become] successful professional women who are able to contribute to the economy and society.”

Please watch this video to hear how this organization is tackling a complicated problem with very thoughtful and smart logic:

Trina Talukdar on how Kranti is working to end human trafficking

Also, you can go to to their webpage and make a donation:

In addition to how articulate their founders are, they also have a high degree of financial transparency and accountability (how unusual for a nonprofit!), giving quarterly progress reports…and a lot of thanks. Please support them if you can.