Md. Kalam Bound for the United States

My friend, Kalam, let me know that he has been chosen by the US Embassy to visit the US under the auspices of the prestigious International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) on Trafficking in Persons.  His visit will be in September and he will be touring various cities.  Well done, Kalam!  Hope to see you during your visit!

Girls Graduate

A few weeks ago, I heard from Kalam Azad, the program manager who has done such wonderful work to break the cycle of inter-generational prostitution in the Nutt community in India.  From his email:

“21 girls completed 8th class last month. these girls go back to home for 9th and 10th.”

Project Manager Aarti Bedi with some of the girls (Mahdu (far left), Juhi with arms around Aarti, Kushboo (far right); Ruxana in back left) who have graduated (pic from 2010).

More girls with Aarti. That's Jyoti on the left and Baybee on the right. (pic from 2010)


Nazmeen in turquoise; Khushboo in lavender; Kavita in pink. (pic from 2010)

Teacher Sharda Verma (in white) surrounded by (from left): Madhu, Jyoti, Lata, Shabana, and Shabanam.

That’s  almost half of the KGBV girls I visited in Simraha who otherwise would not have gone to school and gotten that much of an education.  I am soooo happy for them!  And I wish them so much luck!