Second Roll

I have just finished packing my second roll of toilet paper, which entails rewinding the toilet paper, free form, off of its cardboard tube and into organized wads.  These are then placed in plastic baggies, the air squeezed out of them, and then sealed.  Not an item most travelers would think about packing.  But then again, most travelers are not preparing for their second trip to India.

In 36 hours, I will be at O’Hare Airport, bags piled around me, in a daze for the sprinted marathon I have pulled over the last few months.  When I started planning this second trip to do volunteer work in January, I thought it would be good to not only return to India to follow up with my original group of girls in Bihar, but to do some outreach to organizations in cities.  This was far easier to dream about than to execute.  But, guess what?, here I am, about to embark on a trip that will take me to Bihar for two weeks to do a follow up, and then two weeks with three organizations in Mumbai.  Number of girls anticipated to be reached with this trip:  90 in Bihar; 100 in Mumbai, for a grand total of 190.  If you checked in with this blog in January, you’ll see that Green Tara Project set a goal for this year of 200 girls.  We (GTP) are going to achieve that in just this one trip.  We’re excited.

I hope you’ll follow me in the coming weeks in my endeavors with these girls.  I am very interested to see this time out who learns more:  me or them.