International Women’s Day

Happy 100th International Women’s Day! Grab a woman and hug her and thank her for being who she is and what she brings to Life.   And for anyone who might be scratching their head thinking, “Why do we celebrate women and not men?”, because I love cheering for the underdog, and we, as women, are still the underdogs in equality.  A few facts:

  • Women perform two-thirds of the world’s work and produce half the world’s food, but earn just 10% of the income and own 1% of the property.
  • Women constitute two-thirds of the world’s ~800 million illiterate adults (aged 15 and over). Educate a girl in Africa and she’ll earn 25% more income, be 3 times less likely to contract HIV/AIDS and have a smaller, healthier family.
  • Only 28 countries have achieved the 30% target set in the early 1990s for women in decision-making positions. Worldwide, women are paid 17% less, and have less employment security than men.

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Let’s celebrate ourselves and each other today!