Here are some pics from classes at Sarai Kale Khan:


Girls getting ready at our first SKK class.  Note the hats and jackets.  It was about 35 F outside and no heat inside. (GTP, 2013)



Teaching how to make a fist. (GTP, 2013)



Always a good thing to have them hit something.  Sajji and my stomachs were sooooo bruised; but, all worth it!  These girls can hit! (GTP, 2013)




Sajji showing them how its done:  girls learn to make a fist; learn how to do throat strikes. (GTP 2013)



Belle teaching throat strike. (GTP 2013)

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  1. john bartosek said,

    January 23, 2013 at 2:21 am

    To Belle and Sajji,

    Pictures are worth a thousand words….thank god!!!! So I won’t have to write all my praises and admiration descriptions. Besides my writing skills might put you all to sleep. 🙂

    Bottom line…..Congratulations on what we can all see as a fantastic accomplishment. Your commitment and discipline is something many of us dream about…you execute!!!!

    Your leadership is rare indeed. Keep kicking butt!!!!

    Love you dearly

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