Well, there have been so many changes here since the 2010 trip.  In the area in general, many of the roads have been improved, and, dare I say it, but I think the horn blowing has decreased.  At KGBV dorm itself, how surprised was I that they had installed a solar streetlight in the middle of my beloved courtyard with the water pump.  This light provides illumination for the girls to study or other things without having to be confined to their rooms when dusk falls and the electricity fails.  It is amazing the difference in the feel of the place now, more lively at night.  And it is safer since a girl has some light if needing to make a midnight trip to the lavatory.

Hmmm, what other changes?  The building itself has had a partial second story added.  In about a month, another 50 girls will be added to the dorm and will occupy this space.  It will be very interesting to see that many girls added.  Still only one kitchen, manned by the ever domineering Sabira Ji.

Oh, Sabira Ji, my dear friend.  How wonderful to finally see her again.  I nearly cried, but remembered that she hates crying, at least real crying (she LOVES my fake crying, which I do to amuse her often).  She has not changed at all, still has a megawatt smile, still has a booming voice, and still will put me in my place…or try.  I have missed her, and am so glad to be in her presence once again.

KGBV has a new face:  house mother Rheetu Jha.  She has lovely green eyes in a sea of caramel skin, with a slight gap between her two front teeth reminding me of Lauren Hutton.  She has been quietly watching me over the passed few days, but this morning came into my room and bowled me over with a mind blowing whistle-and-table-top-drum performance.  All the while, her eyes transfixed mine, and I was utterly captivated.  A beautiful talent like this in a girls dorm in the middle of nowhere.  And such is India, full of hidden gems just waiting for light to shine.


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