Purple Sari

Mrs. Joseph is the house mother at Udaan Ghar.  She stands about five feet tall, with high cheekbones and skin the color of dark cocoa.  Her demeanor is quiet but that of a general.  I get the sense she could run armies of thousands just as efficiently as she manages the sixty or so girls in the house.  She is present at all of my classes at Udaan Ghar.  And she always, without exception, wears a sari.

Not only does Mrs. Joseph wear a sari, but she really likes my classes, and is not shy about participating in them.  From inchworm push ups to jumping jacks, from knee strikes to downward blocks, Mrs. Joseph watches and then performs them all.  I think learning some of these things is difficult enough in workout clothes, but in a sari comprised of layers and layers and layers of material wound around the midsection and upper part of the legs?  But this does not slow Mrs. Joseph down one bit.  I feel very heartened to know that the Udaan Ghar girls have a fearless leader clad in a purple sari to guide them in their journey.

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    Heartwarming post, well written Mrs Joseph sounds like an interesting character, good post

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